Our Beers

We started fairly chaotically, having released well over 40 beers now, testing recipes, finding our feet – we are basically still in public beta-testing. But we do now have a core range or regular brews. Although they still get tweaked in the eternal search for the perfect recipe. We’ve also gone for a naming convention for most of the beers, but sometimes it’s just hard to come up with a clever enough pun.

Here’s a slideshow of our labels with a description of our core beers below.

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Carbon Copy Pale
Ironically named, this is not just another token pale ale that every brewery churns out. We went for the biggest possible hop aroma we could fit in a 3.8% beer. Dry-hopped up to, but not exceeding, the point of excessiveness. We aim for the juiciest of juicy fruits with a pine edge. Something you can throw back all night. Quite a high crystal malt ratio to give it extra sweetness, body and colour. Citra, Galaxy, Amarillo and Simcoe.

Carbon-12 (Insert hop) IPA
Named after the most stable isotope of Carbon, Carbon-12 is designed to be a robust 6.5% IPA. Hops vary with seasons so the best IPAs have to vary with them. The malt, yeast and water all stay the same but the hops change regularly with every brew to reflect the best of what’s available. Always changing, staying fresh and exciting.

Graphene Porter
Graphene is a hexagonal structure of Carbon atoms only 1 atom thick. Deceptively dark, strong and smooth, yet lighter than you’d think – Exactly how a porter should be. At 4.9% this should be sessionable yet still warming. Lots of caramel and chocolate malts.

Carbon Footprint Stout
Ever seen any info-mercials about your carbon footprint which shows a literal foot print dripping with thick black tar-like liquid? Looks tasty doesn’t it? At the very least it’s a good inspiration for a very dark, roasted, full bodied 5.9% stout. Ironically this beer has a very low carbon footprint…

A. Rose Pale Ale
Named after someone very special (Yes I’m aware that’s very soppy, and no, I regret nothing!), this is a very delicate 3.5% blonde ale brewed with rose petals. Still flavourful but the delivery method is delicate silk gloves rather than hop-knuckledusters.

Red Power Ranger IPA
I couldn’t leave the house without everyone asking me when I was going to distil the awesome essence of the Red Power Ranger’s Tyrannosaurus Dinozord into a beer. So after giving into public pressure, I made a 6.5% Red IPA that’s packed with the souls of 1000 oranges and more Munich malt than is probably sensible – 70% of the malt bill. (P.S. Please don’t sue me Matel, but if you do I’ll get lots of publicity… swings and roundabouts)

Duchess Grey IPA
Another 6.5% beer, but this is made with the most exotic-fruit-esque NZ hops and a fantastic blend of Duchess Grey from Edinburgh’s Pekoetea. It doesn’t immediately smell or taste like your average earl grey aroma. Brewed in protest and desperation over my once favourite beer.

Other Semi-Regular Brews:

  • Mooze – 5.1% Oatmeal Milk Stout
  • Muckadaymashkikiwabu – 5.1% Coffee Milk Stout
  • Cheeky White Lie – 5% Hefeweizen
  • Four Quid – 5.5% Modern 80/- with peated malt
  • Karakorum – Maple syrup roasted pumpkin beer with spices

There have been a lot of 1-offs since we started, and will be a lot more to come so keep a look out on our twitter feed!

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