About Carbon Smith

Carbon Smith Brewing started life as a tiny bedroom brewery in Edinburgh. I managed to get my 4th floor tenement flat room licensed. It was a house share with 3 other random people overlooking the meadows. Suffice to say my landlord didn’t know.


During my spell in there I successfully launched keg beers onto the unsuspecting Edinburgh public. I also worked part time as a barman in a local craft beer bar for 18 months selling my beer to harvest vital feedback. So if you’ve drunk my beer in Edinburgh it’s possible I served you, particularly if you thought the barman was overly enthusiastic and intensely interested in your opinion of a Carbon Smith beer.

The brewery was in there for a few months before we moved 5minutes down the road to a small unit (shed) in Newington. We designed and built our own 250L kit with lots of bells and whistles, like full pressure and temperature control (plus a hop torpedo!!). Still writing a massive monster blog on exactly how I did it, coming soon – promise.


Big move late last year to Manchester. Primarily because my partner found out she was expecting. We found an archway near Piccadilly Station in Manchester on the ‘Piccadilly Beer Mile’ and rebuilt all our kit in there. We’re now on the cusp of getting a 10BBL (1600L) kit so we can continue to be irresponsible with hops.



One thought on “About Carbon Smith

  1. Kevin says:

    I am in the process of setting up my own Brewery at home, so intrigued by your story. I am excited by this adventure I am embarking on. Look forward to reading more of your story.


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