Crowdcube Campaign Launch

After literally months of hard work during which I moved the entire brewery down to Manchester, and my Partner having a baby (he’s 7 weeks now, very cute!) I’m now launching something today (1st June) which is honestly terrifying: crowdfunding. If it doesn’t scare you, you’re not dreaming big enough.


I’m about to lay out my entire business for people to criticise in the hope that I can prove the following:

  1. My brewery is fresh, innovative and experimental.
  2. That financially I’m sound, with a good business plan and bright future.
  3. That to invest in me isn’t just a monetary contribution but a vote of confidence in a young brewer & entrepreneur.
  4. Above all else, that I truly and deeply care about what I do.

I didn’t approach a bank looking for a loan, Crowdcube has been my first port of call. This is because I honestly believe that a brewery is stronger when owned by its fans and customers than a brewery in a banker’s pocket. It’ll allow us total artistic freedom, free of all restraints and any grumblings from our business manager.

So why Crowdcube? They are Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulated and require very strict levels of proof. Any claim I made – however small – I had to prove, and this often required a level of independent evidence greater than that demanded of my research thesis when I was back at university. This hopefully gives you a level of trust in me that other sites can’t offer. Interesting to note that a very large percentage (>90%) of businesses that approach Crowdcube don’t actually get onto the site.

So What are you guys investing in?

  1. A bigger brewery. A 10BBL (~1600L) kit – Standard.
  2. A bar. For events, parties, bar billiards tournaments and good ol’ knees ups – Interesting.
  3. Another brewer. Getting some help is vital for the quality of the beer – Fair enough.
  4.  The BrewSpace. Wait, what?

The BrewSpace is something I touched on in previous blogs. Think of lots of little kits, perfect miniatures of what the pros use. May sound similar to UBREW and you’d be correct but I plan to do things differently. There will still be subscriptions, experiences and courses but the kit on offer will be vast and varied.

There’ll be these beauties pictured below (or something very similar). With full pressure and temperature control.  I’m also a dab hand at engineering, and I’ve made lots of little bits of kit that you can’t really buy. Such like a pressurised device that blows hops into pressurised containers and a glycol chiller circuit out of bits from B&Q. A unique and immersive brewing experience with ALL THE BREWING TOYS. 

SS Chronical Fermenter with digital temperature control.

What Does Your Investment Get?

For as little as £10 you can invest in me. This gets you the following:

  1. Equity. You own part of the brewery and therefore get a cut of the profits. You can then sell on your shares for a bigger price later. This may be done privately, via a second round of funding or if I buy it back directly. Invest >£2000 and you get voting rights.
  2. Perks. Visit my pitch on Crowdcube for a full list of perks. This is minimal tat and maximum awesome. From helping to brew an investors beer to shamelessly naming stuff in your honour – we’ve got it all.
  3. Party Invite. Everyone who invests gets to come to a funded party and the AGM every year.
  4. Warm Fuzzy Feeling. You’re not just investing in a company, but in a person. Your money isn’t supporting the large wage of someone in higher management but going to a young guy with a young family. It’s a vote of confidence in his dream of brewing and sharing good beer.

If you’re interested, click the link above or below. A copy of my business plan and finances are available upon request. Additionally, come along to the launch event at the Brewery!


Finally, and very importantly – Your Capital Is At Risk #InvestAware



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