Beer not Bullshit.

I’ve had to put a few things on hold recently. All due to the birth of my first child. I’ve already got him a miniature mash paddle – an important symbol of office. This has meant however that some major plans have had to take a back seat, which I feel need to be shared, get you guys excited… OR at the very least, mildly interested? I’ll talk about our imminent crowd funding round with crowdcube, the bigger kit, our brewery tap and the BrewSpace. PLUS a small existential monologue on how I just want to brew good beer.

Firstly: our imminent crowd funding campaign with crowdcube. We’re doing this as we honestly and purely believe that a brewery owned by its fans, customers and local residents is much stronger than a brewery in a banker’s pocket. We can brew free, follow our artistic sense and not have to worry about angering/disappointing a bank manager. Having absolute creative control is key – We just want to brew good beer. We’re shooting the video for it very early May and it’ll go live soon after. There are some pretty fun perks along with the equity on offer, but we’ll keep them under wraps for now!

We’re crowd funding mainly for a bigger brewery. We want to size up to a 10 BBL (2880 pints) with a few good bells and whistles attached. The plan is to continue developing our core range while also going batshit crazy experimental.

KEG – Yes.
Bottles – Yes.
Wooden Cask – Hell Yes.
Metal Casks – nae plans…

Manchester has a proud home-brewing scene with great (and globally award winning) beer being made in small flats, cold garages and basically anywhere where there is someone determined enough. We’ve been there. We want to support this as much as possible.

We are not just building a brewery then, but also the ‘BrewSpace’ – first mentioned back in a blog in February. BrewSpace will be a community of amateur brewers, who may want to up their game, have access to advanced kit or just chill out with other brewers and brew some beer.

We plan to construct several 30L & 60L stainless steel kits on which anyone can brew professional quality beer with the optional help of a brewer.  They will have full temperature and pressure control from the fermenter onwards. Think conical fermenters, glycol chiller circuits, whirlpools, and our own designed hop torpedo for blasting hops into pressurised containers. ALL THE TOYS! Subscriptions or one-offs available.

We started ourselves as home brewers. We engineered our own kit, written blogs showing and telling you how to start your own brewery in your own house. We just want to get people interested in beer and having the BrewSpace will really help make that happen.

We’ll have some healthy competition too. Today UBREW announced they are becoming a neighbour, 16 archways down the road (I’d like to take a moment to say BAGSY to the terms ‘Arch Rivals’ and ‘Arch Enemies’). Last month I met up with their spin-doctor extraordinaire Andy and showed him round, genuinely lovely guy, didn’t realise they’d be moving up so soon though; particularly so close to me, just before I start crowd funding for a similar idea, and after I turned down their offer for a ‘partnership’… I look forward to cultivating a friendly yet fierce rivalry with them however. Hopefully this’ll be a catalyst for some really good brews – and that is what it should only be about.

Finally is our Brewery Tap. Soon to be built, so you guys can come drink in a pretty empty brewery filled with Heath Robinson contraptions before the big kit arrives. A Bar Billiards table is happening so you better bring your A game.

Essentially we just want to brew good beer devoid of any hype, get people excited about beer devoid of any marketing tricks and exist in a place where there are no big beer character arcs or sensationalism. Beer presented simply. Beer without the bullshit. And it’s becoming harder and harder to find.





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