Would You Support Us If We Crowd Funded?

Every brewery needs capital investment to get the bigger kit. We could go to the bank but we’d prefer to offer our fans the chance to own us first. Crowd funding is still relatively new and still an alternative finance solution but we feel it really fits the ethos of what we’re trying to achieve.

Of course we’d go for a bigger kit with funding, but it’s not just that. Talking about beer is something I love doing. If I’m not talking it  I’m probably thinking about it. I would love to set up a community of like minded people to keep me company, so that’s why if we get the big kit I’m keeping the small one –  then buying several more.

Along with a 10BBL we’d also have the ‘BrewSpace’ – a bespoke area filled with small kits, all stainless steel with pressure and temperature control for amateur brewers to rent time on. Like the gym, but less erm… gymming and more brewing. Somewhere you can come and spend free time, hang out and immerse yourself in beer. Brew on a kit that is a tiny version of what the pros brew on with the pros themselves there to help. One-off brews and classes for beginners are also well up there in priority. Whatever it takes really to get people talking about beer.


For the homebrew geeks: HERMS double walled mash tun with PID temperature control. Hot, Cold, and Steriliser on the taps above.

Along side the BrewSpace would be a brewery tap with 8 lines and a bottle fridge so we can open on weekends and for special events. You may also spot a Bar Billiards table poked away in a corner, basically hipster pool but needs an eighth of the space.

That is the dream. A living breathing community of beery folk. The only problem is the capital. If I were to crowd fund would people be interested? It’d be great to hear your thoughts, opinions, and any ideas for other things I could change or add to this.




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