Rebrand & Refresh

We loved our old branding, we really did. It was crisp, clean and looked professional… but we’ve changed. It’s not you, it’s us.

We’ve got bigger, bolder, learnt our craft some more. We need that to be reflected in our face to the public.

When BrewDog rebranded they said, and I quote, “…stripping the design process back to basics. By going to one of the UK’s few remaining letterpress studios to hand-print our designs using 100 year-old metal and wood letter blocks. By moving to a thick, uncoated paper and by applying layers of ink with as much personality and character as the beer inside the bottle. ”

This acted as inspiration; we had to go back to basics too. Address this with as much integrity, innovation and aspiration that we put into the entire brewing process.

We approached an award winning and recent University of Edinburgh graduate Megan Duncan to try and get our ideas onto paper.

What she came up with was beyond what we could possibly have hoped for. Her hand drawn ink artwork is progressive, eye-catching and just achingly beautiful.

To see more of her work head over to

(A couple of these beers have working names and may change)

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